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Pricing may vary based on length of hair and timing.

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Traditional Locks

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30 minutes - $35
A consultation of hair length, hair density, history of Sisterlocks, Transfer clients, and starter locs. unlimited options, test locks and any inquires regarding Sisterlocks, locs and starter locs. There are three phases to the Sisterlock process. The consultation, the establishment and the follow-up after establishment.

Sisterlock Establishment

4-5 inches - $600
6-8 inches - $800
9-11 inches - $900
12 inches and above - $1000 and up

Sisterlocks are established. Hair must be wash and clean, detangled and no product in hair when the establishment begins. Includes up to 3 days of establishment, follow up, Sisterlock kit and the beginning of a Loctastic journey.

Retight (Sisterlocks/
4-6 weeks

3 hours 30 minutes $110
Includes shampoo, retight of 1/2 in and less of new growth. Price is still the same if self wash of Sisterlocks or Brotherlocks if washed with 24- 48 hours of retight.

7 weeks

Starting at $125 hours may vary

8 weeks

Starting at $140 hours may vary

9 weeks

Starting at $120 the 1st 2 hours, $60 every hour after. Hours may vary.

10 weeks and up

Starting at $120 the 1st 2 hours, $60 every hour after. Hours may vary.

Sisterlock shampoo and style

2 hours $40

Style Only for locs

1 hours 30 minutes $30
Includes with or without rolling of locs with perm rods, foam roller, wrapaloc, braiding or 2 strand twist.

Traditional starter locs

3 hours  Starting at $180
Shampoo, comb coiled and under dryer to dry properly. Pricing varies with length and density of hair. 

Retwist (4-6 weeks)

1 hours  30 minutes $85
includes wash, retwist.

Retwist ( 7-9 weeks)

2 hours starting at $100
Shampoo, retwist.

(10 weeks and up)

3 hours Starting at $150
Shampoo, retwist.

Interlock starter locs

Starting at $200 hours may vary

(interlocks 4-6 weeks)

$75 hours may vary
Includes shampoo, retight.

(interlocks 7-9 weeks)

Starting at $100 hours may vary
shampoo, retight.

Retight (interlocks 10 weeks and up)

Starting at $150 hours may vary
Shampoo, retight.